August News and Updates

Wow August all ready.....where did the summer go!. Still, lots of great boating days ahead.

We are starting preparations for our annual Labour Day events with the sailing regatta Saturday and Sunday and a feast on Saturday night. Save the date.... September 2nd and 3rd.

More tidbits on!

Electric Cords

A good practice to get into is to unplug your electric cord from the shore connection before unplugging from the boat. It would be a shocking experience to fall in the water holding a live electric cord! Also, not a good practice to leave a live shore cord coiled on the dock.

The Ted Talk!

Who is Ted? Ted Jacob is our own Veteran racer from the sail boat Windburn. A winner of many regattas over the years. Ted is going to give a talk on the fundamentals of racing, sail trim and general boat handling.

Saturday Aug 12th in the lounge at 10am. Fun race to follow.

Beer on the pier

Boating has been getting some bad press lately with some serious boating accidents and fatalities due to alcohol

Under the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario, it is an offence to consume alcohol in a moving boat (this includes canoes and sailboats) unless a licence or permit, designating the boat a “private place,” allows you to do so. Below are the requirements to meet a "private place"

Number one, it has to be anchored; Number two, it has to have a fixed, permanent kitchen, galley-style, as in a cooking facility. The galley has to be fixed and approved. Number three. It has to have a fixed head or toilet – not a port-a-potty – but one that has to have the capacity to pump water out of the boat. The boat has to be stationary to be a ‘private place’.

Once the boat is under way, the same rules apply as they do to driving a car.

Labour Day Feast!

Join us Saturday Sept 2nd at 6 PM in the long shed for our annual labour day dinner.

This year's menu includes;

A selection of roast beef or pork slow roasted over charcoal during the day.

Scallop potatoes. Vegetable. Dinner rolls. Coleslaw salad and a selection of home-made pies for dessert.

Enjoy music provided by our own Greg Prichard.

Price is $25 per person and limited to 150 tickets. Sign up and pay in the office to receive your ticket



Annual Labour Day Regatta 2 days of racing. Registration in the lounge Friday September 1st 6pm-9pm and Saturday 9am, Skippers meeting 10 am Saturday September 2nd and Sunday September 3rd. Race one day or both. See Alina in the office for more detail.


While talking to a customer the other day and asking where they are going on the boat trip, Cam and I started to reminisce about our younger days on board the Renrod and the Snow Goose. How we used to travel the north channel with our parents and grandparents. Coming out of the Bad River having to hold the furniture down or body surfing the rapids in the cut. Swimming in the pool at Killarney Mountain lodge and racing around in the dinghies. It was a great time in our lives.

As many of you head north or just having returned be assured, we have some of the greatest boating in the world in our own back yard.

I can hardly wait to get back this week!

As a valued customer we appreciate your business and continued support of the Marina and Yacht Club
Take care and be safe!

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