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04/23/15, 11:41 AM
We offer a complete array of mechanical, structural repair and rigging services. Our Qualified technical staff, including our factory trained technicians, has over 200 years of accumulated experience at this location.

  • Custom Launching and Hauling to your schedule with our 25 Ton lift
  • Complete Yacht Repair and Restoration Services on site
  • Factory Authorized Diesel and Gasoline Engine Sales and Services
  • Delivery Services
For Mechanical service contact;

For Fiberglass repair and restoration contact;

Adrian Marsden   a.marsden@wiartonmarina.ca

Wiarton Marina Ltd.
Box 1270, 827 Bayview St., Wiarton  ON N0H 2T0
Phone: 519-534-1301 - Fax: 1-855-568-9498



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